Materials and accessories for making soother clips, rattles and other baby toys


Our specialty is materials for making dummy clip, rattles, stroller chains etc.

Whether you prefer wooden beads or silicone beads, metal or plastic, there is a high probability that you will find it here.

Can be used for jewelry making, knitting, crocheting and do-it-yourself baby toys


The shop presents a colorful world of colored wooden beads and silicone beads. They can safely be used for pacifier clip, stroller hangers, stroller decorations, keychains, nursing necklaces and much more.

But children's jewelry and jewelry that children can make themselves should also be highlighted.

We are proud to offer a huge selection of fantastic wooden beads in a myriad of colors and shapes. Here you will find only the highest quality wooden beads and silicone beads. We only sell quality beads that you can use for your creative projects.

With us you will find only high quality beads and silicone beads. We only sell quality beads that you can use for your creative projects. This category contains everything the heart desires.

We sell both wooden beads and silicone beads. The wooden beads can be used for many purposes: in addition to jewelery making, you can, for example, make your own pacifier chains, stroller chains, stroller hangers, baby rattles, breastfeeding chains, baby watches and much more.

You will also often find wooden beads for crochet and knitwear, where beautiful creative people can quickly find a bag of beads. The beads can easily be used as decorations on and in crochet projects or knitting.
If you design jewelry yourself, wooden beads can also often give a unique design to your home-made jewelry.

The selection of wooden beads is available in over 40 different colors. Then there is the opportunity to make something that suits all seasons. And of course you can mix the colors so that your creations always match the trends of the time.
The wooden beads in our assortment are definitely the product that we refer to as our “best seller” at all times. All beads are carefully selected to be represented in our webshop. But even though the quality is high, we can easily offer cheap beads.

And what does this mean that pearls are of high quality? Well, the we mean several things:
As we market our beads in connection with DIY cutlery chains and rattles, etc., we have to make sure that the beads surface is 100% non-toxic and lead-free. Ie that no children are exposed to dangerous chemicals when our beads are used. At the same time, the beads are color resistant. In practice, this means that if you use our beads in e.g. a dummy chain, the color does not dissolve when the baby puts it into the mouth and sucks on it. And we all know how much saliva can come out of such a small mouth in periods.

All the surface treatment of our colored wooden beads in the shop is water based. And they have been tested and approved according to the European standard EN 71-3, which deals with the safety of toys concerning chemical properties.

All beads in our range are carefully selected. And we can guarantee that you will find only the most beautiful pearls in the Children's Store. Our beads are also flawless, but should we have missed a microscopic error on a bead, we will just send you a new one if you contact us.
Our shiny colored beads are produced in Germany, and for that reason alone we know that our beads are of the highest quality. German thoroughness guarantees the high quality that we appreciate so much when it comes to our children.

In addition to our wooden beads, in 2017 we introduced the first silicone beads on the Danish market.

Of course, the silicone beads are made of food-approved material, which in practice means that they are completely non-toxic and can be used to make baby bite toys. The advantage of the silicone is that even if the baby sucks and gnaws on it, it can quickly be flushed under the cock and you can not see at all how much gnawing it has been through. Baby can't bite it to pieces. AND it's nice to have the gums itch by biting into the toys.

For example, you can make your own breastfeeding necklace, which, despite many wonders, is actually a brilliant idea if you want to avoid the little hands tearing you in your hair, your earrings or necklaces when breastfeeding. Or how about an entire silk bead chain, or just a piece of wooden or silicone beetle attachment to a chain made of wooden beads or silicone beads - or a mix of both.

There are countless ways to make your own christening gifts, maternity gifts or baby show gifts. Everything can be easily personalized with letter beads in both wood, silicone and acrylic. All our letter beads are high quality and of course tested and ready to use in your very own baby gifts.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the range.